Bushcraft vs. Survival


Survival versus Bushcraft

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Survival and Bushcraft are two similar fields with some overlap but there are important differences. In short, survival skills are needed for unplanned scenarios whilst bushcraft skills transform and improve your planned excursions into the bush. Of course a good bushcrafter will do well in a survival situation and a person with good survival skills will enjoy planned excursions more. The focus is different, the choice and the journey are yours!

Survival Courses

In our Survival Courses we aim to ensure that when you leave Chilcotin Holidays, you haveTimLoganSurvival   the right skill-set and the right mind-set to ensure that you will walk away from any unplanned, emergency scenario. The skills you will learn here are the real nitty-gritty, hardcore skills that will ensure your survival. Learning primitive skills and enjoyable camp and wood-crafts are not the goal here. Learning the quickest, safest, most effective ways to construct shelter, build fire and navigate your way to safety are what we focus on. Our courses are interactive, unique and adapted by the personalities of those on course. BulletFireYou will walk away with the knowledge needed to survive, you will take home the “toolbox” of skills to own, practice and perfect. You will have experienced an incredible, unique, challenging experience that will prepare you for any disaster. You will spend the rest of your life with the quiet confidence that comes from knowing that you are prepared for whatever lies ahead. Whether you decide to build upon your skills by challenging yourself on our Advanced Survival course or decide that your path is on one of our Bushcraft courses – the decision is yours. In survival, nothing is impossible!

Bushcraft Courses

In Bushcraft, we aim to be able  to not only survive but thrive in an environment, relying only on our knowledge of nature and a few simple tools. Our Bushcraft Courses will allow you to take an incredible journey here at Chilcotin Holidays. We will spend time in the bush, learning about the forest and it’s ways. We will learn to make almost everything we need to not only survive but thrive in the wilderness.

 Our philosophy is that by the end of our Bushcraft Courses, the phrase “naked into the wilderness”


will not sound like an impossibility to you! You will see the opportunities that the forest provides for us to make our own shelter, find our food, make the tools we need and the luxuries that transform life outdoors from a hardship to a lifestyle. After experiencing the incredible, life-changing journey that our Bushcraft Courses offer you, you will never look at the forest in the same way again. Your perspective will change and you will realize that the forest is in you as much as you are in the forest.

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