Survival & Bushcraft Training in 5-Star Wilderness

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Do you spend time outdoors? Want to know how to live off the land? Not afraid to get your hands dirty?!

 Do you want the confidence to travel to areas and know that you are prepared if something goes wrong? Or have you ever wanted to “get away from it all” and realized that you think you need 100 pounds of equipment on your back to help you “get back to nature”? An outdoor course from , created by one of the most well-known Bushcraft, Survival and Wilderness Living  instructors in Canada might be for you.

Our Survival courses will give you the skills, confidence and mindset to ensure that you, your family and your loved ones are able to survive any disaster, emergency or unplanned scenario anywhere on Earth. Furthermore, you will share and develop your experiences as a team-member in extraordinary and extreme situations.

Our Bushcraft courses are designed to increase your comfort in wilderness settings, both physically and metaphorically. We do this by teaching you new skills, allowing you to adapt to your surroundings, see the value of the natural materials that the environment furnishes us with. You will learn to take pride in your ability to craft the items you need to free yourself from dependence on modern tools, modern foods, and to allow you to live in harmony with nature, and at nature’s pace. We can carry a ton of equipment or a ton of knowledge. As Bushcrafters, we choose knowledge….it weighs less!

Survival In Canada” is offered in cooperation with the Chilcotin Holidays Guest Ranch. All course-offers are combinable and/ or extendable with Chilcotin Holidays’ tourism programs – incl. horseback riding, pack or hiking trips, fishing tours and much more.

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